Why you should have your writing edited by AES

IMG_0027Academic Editing Services is a one-stop company for academics and other writers looking to improve their papers for publication. We offer a variety of services, from proofreading and copyediting to content review.

Editor Joseph Tanniru has an extensive background in academia, industry and journalism–a combined experience that is ideal for assisting academics in creating a final product that is clear, readable and professional. With degrees in mathematics and industrial engineering from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor–along with a broad knowledge in the fields of history, politics and the humanities–Tanniru can help a wide array of academics who are looking to improve their writing.

With AES, you always know who is responsible for editing your writing. Your paper will not be off-loaded to un-named individuals of uncertain experience. Tanniru will oversee the project himself. He is always available to discuss your needs and questions and ensure that the privacy and integrity of your research is maintained.