AES offers several different services:

Proofreading. When print publications were dominant, proofreading meant reading the “proof,” i.e., the final copy before publication. The proofreader checks for grammatical errors, typos and minor stylistic problems, without significant changes in content. If you choose this service, AES will ensure that your paper conforms to the standards of written English, based on the Chicago Manual of Style.

Copyediting. The copyeditor not only checks for grammatical errors, but also edits to improve style and content. Sentences that are overly long and complicated? Too much use of the passive voice? Excessive words that do not add clarity and detract from your argument? If you choose this service, AES will review your paper with an eye to clarity of expression and readability.

Content review. Style and content are closely related, with the one merging into the other. Is the logic of your argument clear? Are there passages that are unnecessary and repetitive? If you choose this service, AES will offer detailed suggestions on how you can improve the content of your paper with the reader and the publisher in mind.

Formatting. Many publications requires specific formatting or file types. We can take care of all of this when your paper is ready to be submitted.

In all cases, we give you the option of using “tracked changes” to allow you to easily review proposed edits and accept or reject them as you choose.

Briefs for executives and other third parties. Writing for a research publication is one thing. Writing for executives, administrators or other interested parties who you want to have apply your research is another. An executive summary needs to be concise and written in a language that can be readily understood by a non-specialist. AES can take any research paper and convert it into a brief that can be used to help promote your work and get it implemented.

Pre-research corporate proposals. As with executive summaries, proposals for joint research or collaboration with businesses or other organizations must be written in a way that can be readily understood. AES will work with you in converting an initial idea for research into a summary that can attract the attention and interest of the non-specialist.

Other Services. Need to have someone edit your grant proposal? Need a webpage? A Facebook profile? A Twitter or Linkedin account? Just ask…