Why you should have your writing edited

Great ideas are the necessary prerequisite for a great paper. But for your ideas to be as effective as they deserve to be, they need to be expressed as clearly as possible. Publishers receive many submissions, and the quality of writing is a major factor in getting your paper accepted.

The Harvard Business Review, for example, lists among its five Guidelines for Contributors:

Writing that’s persuasive and a pleasure to read: HBR readers are smart and skeptical and busy. If you don’t capture their interest right away, they will move on to something else.

The American Marketing Association’s Journal of Marketing in its Admissions Guidelines advises authors that “manuscripts are judged not only on the depth and scope of the ideas presented and their contributions to the field but also on their clarity and whether they can be read and understood.” It urges that writers:

Write in an interesting, readable manner with varied sentence structure, and use active voice. Use as little passive voice as possible.

Avoid using technical terms that few readers are likely to understand. If you use these terms, include definitions. Remember: The journal is designed to be read, not deciphered.

Keep sentences short so the reader does not get lost before the end of a sentence.

This is where AES comes in. We will not only review your paper for typos and other corrections, but also provide guidance and assistance in improving clarity and readability. With our help, your ideas will attract the attention of publishers and readers alike.